Jeff’s Post – 22 Mile Cul De Sac Open!

21 Days until I marathon.  I don’t like to wish time away but I’m ready for the day to get here.  I’m excited and aside from a right foot that is a little sore I feel good.  I’ve had three really good long runs 18, 21, and 22 miles.  I plan to taper my long runs so the next time I run 20 miles or more will be on October 15th.  I’m thinking I will keep my mileage at around 50 per week for the next few and back off some the week before my race.

Yesterday for the first time I ran with a group of 7 runners from the local running club.  After running so long by myself it was nice to get a run in with a group.  I called my long run “The Cul De Sac Open” because we literally ran around 14 miles in and out of Cul De Sacs.  It was definitely a different run for me, it was slower, and I ran without music for the first 14 miles.  I really enjoyed it and the time flew by.  Towards the end of the run we headed out to the highway to get some additional miles in.   I wanted to pick up my pace so I put my headphones and sunglasses on, took off my shirt and pushed it for the last 8 miles.  It felt really good and I was happy to have another good run in the books.

I really plan on pay attention to everything the next few weeks.  I will be closely watching my mileage and will also be watching everything I eat.  I would like to drop about 5 pounds before race day.  I want to be as lean as I can be.  Very excited for the next 21 days.  Thank you for sharing in my journey – I’m excited to share it!

Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


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