I HATE Running Every Other Day! (Tamara’s Post)

It’s not enough for me, or should I say – it’s not enough for my BRAIN! Yeah, physically I feel worse when I am not running as much and think I look worse too – seems like I lose my runner’s shape quickly and just turn into a skinny woman with a 12 year old body. My mind suffers greater damage though – I’m not as motivated and tend to get in a “funk”y mood. My mileage has dropped and I hate it. So what happened? I’m full of excuses I know – and seem to hop from one injury to the next – this time it’s my knee…hasn’t been right since the 1/2 marathon. It is cracking and grinding when I run too much – so I’m running 3 miles every other day. That seems to help – most of the time. I’m sticking to my treadmill also – I love the flex deck and it seems to lessen the impact. I’m not really training for anything right now, so that helps – but I want to start upping my mileage again and throw in some speedwork – c’mon knee my brain needs it!!!!


P.S. Figured I better go back to putting my name in the post title – if not someone could think Jeff is the one with all the issues – nope, it’s me! 🙂 Chronic injury-prone, complainer – me…see that little short 3 mile treadmill run did nothing to help my attitude either! UGH!


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