My Biggest Running Fan…

I was ok knowing I wasn’t going to get an opportunity to join Jeff on his 20 mile run this morning – I planned to hit the treadmill before my 6 year old woke up. Silly me didn’t set the alarm, figured she would sleep until 8:30 or so – no suck luck…at 6:30 the dogs had her up just as I was stirring. No worries…she knows that I’m a runner – she has seen me run outside, on the treadmill, and at races…she has seen this since she was a baby…she rode many, many miles in the jogging stroller (wish she still would…but she’s too big!) so she gets it…somehow I think she knows that I’m a better Mommy because I run…I need it, mentally and physically. So she agreed to watch a movie while I ran, it is never a battle with her – she always is very accepting to watch a show and/or play while I run. She comes in to check on me a few times during my 6 mile run or was it to check the basket of toys in the corner of my gym? I hop off the treadmill 3 times to check on her as I hear what I think is her talking to someone in the next room – oh, that is a conversation with Barbie…we’re good! So I run – and she doesn’t give me a hard time, she doesn’t whine , she cooperates, and she supports me…she is my BIGGEST FAN! And oh by the way – I’m her biggest fan too. Love you daughter! xoxo


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