Jeff’s Post –Facebook Motivates Me!

I’m not sure when or how it started but a while back I started posting my runs on Facebook.  After doing it a while it has just become a habit.  When I’m running on the treadmill (which I do most of the time) I will take a picture of the treadmill screen and post that.  If I’m running outside I like to use MapMyRun and occasionally I will just take a picture of my Garmin.  I thought when I started the blog I would stop posting my daily workouts on Facebook but I haven’t and don’t really want to stop.  I do try to limit it to my runs – no need to bore anyone with how many push-ups or dumbbell curls I have done that day.

I honestly only post the runs to motivate me.  It keeps me honest, makes me accountable and pushes me when I need it.  What I have noticed more and more lately is that when I see people out the first thing they ask me about is my running.  I’m always getting – “How was your run today?” – “Did you run here instead of drive?” – or the occasional “You are crazy”.  I have also received private messages from people telling me that I motivate them (love that!)  It wasn’t the intention but I love that people are recognizing my commitment to stay fit and they see me pushing my limits.  Most don’t realize that they are getting a first hand look at what it takes to run marathon.  Bottom line – I do this for me but find it very rewarding and motivating to find that others are paying attention!  Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance.

I had a good run today 8.5 miles – Soundtrack – Kenny Chesney concert on GAC TV.  I plan on a shorter run tomorrow and then a 20 miler on Saturday.

One last nugget – I normally don’t quote Oprah (I leave that to Tamara!) but I love to look for running quotes and came across this the other day – I Agree!


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