Friday Tread!

After a day off yesterday I was back on the treadmill this morning.  I have consistently been running around 8.5 miles a day but reduced my mileage last week in prep for my 1/2 marathon.  I didn’t expect it to take me until Friday of this week to get back to that mileage.  I ran 6 miles the day after the 1/2, 6.5 on Tuesday, 6 on Wed.  My legs have felt tired all week so I’m trying to slowly get back to the grind.  I ran 8.5 miles this morning and the first 6 miles or so were a grind but the last 2.5 felt pretty good.  I’m hoping to get a long run or two in over the weekend.  Speaking of The Long Run – One of the first running books I read (actually listened to) was The Long Run by Matt Long – it is a truly inspirational story and one of the things that helped inspire me to run a marathon.  About a week ago I started listening to the book again and I’m really enjoying it the second time around.  I will be thinking of Matt and his story when I’m running my first marathon.  If you haven’t read it you need to – a great book!  I’ve talked about Matt’s book on a prior post you can read it here.

Have a great day and go for a run if you can!



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