Next challenge –The Baltimore Marathon – My First Marathon – Any tips for me?

½ Marathon – Check! – Next challenge – Marathon.  It is hard to believe that the next race on my schedule is my 1st Marathon (The Baltimore Marathon on October 16th).  For the past few months when people asked me about my race schedule the marathon seemed so far away.  I’ve had a great summer of running and have been working hard towards my marathon goal.  I don’t want to rush time (because I still need some training!) but I’m so very excited for this event.  I haven’t really followed a specific plan for the marathon – I’ve just been running (between 50 and 70 miles a week).  I do plan on having a schedule for the last three weeks leading up to the run.  I want to make sure I’m exactly where I need to be on race day. Dear Baltimore – I will see you soon and I’m looking forward to running your marathon!

I would love tips from any marathoners out there – please share!

Oh – today – 6.5 miles on the treadmill.  My legs are still a bit sore from my ½ marathon.

Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


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  1. Start out slow regardless how good you may feel at the start…. It’s a lot different than a half…

  2. Thanks for the comment – I plan to keep reminding myself that! Thanks again for visiting our blog!


  3. My tip – REST! Make sure you get enough rest the week and especially the few days before!

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