I Rocked Virginia Beach!!!!

I LOVED the Virginia Beach Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon! What an awesome race! Ok, Jeff already said all that – and he gave a great race report…so I will just add a few things…and leave out a few things…

I missed seeing Ryan Hall at the start line – darn VIP porta-potty line was too long. I also had an equipment issue – I forgot to let my Garmin search for satellites and wasn’t able to start it until just after I crossed the mat. And we are off! I was so happy that we ran together for 7 miles, it made the race go by so much quicker and made me run way faster then I thought I would. The crowds, bands, and cheerleaders took my mind off the miles – and I couldn’t help but wave, cheer, and say thank you to alot of the volunteers (this is the social part of me). I really like the start of large races – I thrive on the challenge of trying to pass as many people as I possibly can – hence, my constant weaving in and out. I hadn’t had a pack of Gu in probably 7 or so years – so not sure why I took 3/4 of a pack just after mile 8. My quads were hurting bad by mile 7 and guess I thought Gu would help my quads – crazy I know. The muscle pain and fatigue never let up, but it was bearable since I knew it was only muscle pain. As I tried to keep Jeff in sight I recalculated my expected finish with every passing mile – I had to break 2 hours – my only other 1/2 marathon back in 1998 was a 2 hour finish. I was tired, my quads were sore – but mentally I was strong and kept pushing through 8:30 miles. When we approached mile 12 and turned onto the boardwalk I was happy – and again recalculated my finish time. When I saw the clock I knew I could break 1:50, woohoo! I pushed as much as my legs would allow me and finished in 1:48. When I crossed the finish line and stopped I immediately felt a bit disoriented and like I had to throw up – uh, oh…what was that all about. Ugh – the Gu!!! About 3 or 4 medics tried to help me and I pulled away from them because I saw Jeff and wanted to make sure he knew I finished. As they tried to guide me, I managed to grab Jeff’s arm – thank goodness – so he could help me. Someone handed me a salt packet. After weaving a bit, still trying not to throw up, and eating the salt – I was regaining my sense of self – whew! Never expected to feel like that – it was very strange. The salt really seemed to help me – and as Jeff will say “She doesn’t drink enough”….and he is right. But I think (yeah, think) I learned my lesson – I will carry a salt packet next time! And maybe drink a little more! 🙂

I managed to run 3 miles this morning (I took a rest day yesterday), but I struggled with pretty intense quad pain on the treadmill – I think I need another rest day…so I’m gonna sleep in tomorrow!!

Rock on!



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  1. Great race! I am glad you are OK. I find that I get more energy if I interact and thank the crowd for their support. Also cheering for others gives me a boost. That was a fun race for sure!

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