A Beautiful Morning in Virginia Beach

Woke up in Virginia Beach to a beautiful sunrise this morning (too bad Tamara missed it – sleeping beauty is still resting 🙂 ).  We are here for the Rock and Roll ½ Marathon and it looks to be a great weekend for the race.  I always like to get going and decided last night that that we should just begin our trek to the beach and see how far we could go (we live about 3 ½ hours away).  We got a late start and didn’t leave the house until 7:30.  About 2 ½ hours in I was getting tired and thought we should just look for a hotel – much easier said than done.  I’m getting a bit more spontaneous in my old age and didn’t worry about making reservations because we would just “find something” – guess I didn’t learn that lesson a few months ago!.  What I didn’t count on was that nearly every hotel would be packed with lineman helping with the restoration efforts of Hurricane Irene last week.  After about 5 rejections we were getting closer to VA Beach.  Tamara and I decided to just call the hotel we were staying on Saturday and Sunday nights and see if they had something available – Yeah!! – they did!  Thank you Barclay Towers!

The remaining ½ drive was a breeze.  We checked into the hotel about 11:30.  We weren’t tired at that point and decided to venture out a little.  Our hotel is ocean front and just steps away from the Rock and Roll finish line.  We walked out towards the concert stage and where everything is set up and then took a late night walk on the beach and decided to dip our toes in the warm Atlantic water.  We didn’t stay out long knowing we have a busy weekend ahead.

When I woke up this morning and saw people running on the boardwalk I wanted to get out there too but in light of the ½ marathon tomorrow I told myself I would take today off – still wanting to run as I type this!  On tap for today – A nice breakfast and then walk to the expo to pick up our bibs and buy anything else we can’t live without.  Then enjoy a day at the beach!

Tamara – WAKE UP 🙂 – Have a great day!


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