Me Too – I’m Ready to Rock ‘n Roll!

I got caught up in the crazy weather and kept putting posting as a lower priority – never enough time in the day. Jeff gave a recap on the storm and it was one of those “I’m glad it’s over, I’ll never forget it” storms. I ran 10 last Saturday morning on the treadmill, thought I was going to take Sunday off – but super happy Jeff and I were able to get a 6 mile run in while investigating more hurricane damage. Thanks to Jeff’s Mom & Dad for entertaining Sam so we could run! 🙂 I took off Monday – rest day – but I was still beat, I think from the stress of the events from the hurri-quake week. I got in 5 miles yesterday and 6 miles this morning. I have some slight pain in my right knee, so looking forward to the rest of my easy week: tomorrow – 0 miles, Friday – 3 miles, Saturday – 0 miles…Sunday – ROCK ‘N ROLL! I’ve only run one 1/2 before and that was in 1998…did I mention this before…and I ran the Rock ‘n Roll Inaugral Marathon in San Diego in 1998. So I’m thrilled to be running 13 miles – that’s alot for me! I feel ready – I really want to break 2:00, which is a nice pace. Hoping tomorrow and Saturday flies by – I’m ready to Rock ‘n Roll…too!


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