Jeff’s Post – Challenges and Hurricane Pics!

Geez – we have had some challenges lately.  In the past week we have had an earthquake and a hurricane (The Annapolis 10 Miler I was supposed to run was cancelled due to the hurricane).  Thankfully we survived both with no damage.  We lost power for around 24 hours after Hurricane Irene but I have a generator so we were able to stay comfortable.  I still don’t have internet and have been working off my Verizon Wireless Mifi card, better than nothing but still not the same as my cable.  In the midst of all of this I’ve come down with some sort of cold/sore throat.  I’ve been doing everything I can to keep it in check (extra Vitamin C, cough drops, zink, extra sleep).  I just don’t get sick and I have my first “official” ½ marathon on Sunday (The Virginia Beach Rock and Roll) – I don’t want to be sick for this race.  I’m trying to run a normal week but will scale things back a bit if I’m not feeling any better.

More Pics Here

I haven’t posted for a few days so where is a quick running recap:

Saturday – I ran 12 miles on the treadmill.  I’m a geek so I live tweeted my run (follow me @werrunners) giving updates every two miles.  I also did my first livestream (  I really would like to livestream a little more – maybe get some virtual group runs going.  Not sure what I ultimately want to do with that but it combines my love of running and technology so I would like to do something – we will see.

Sunday – This was the day after the hurricane and I really figured that I wouldn’t be able to run this day – thought I would be cleaning up.  Tamara and I were both very very fortunate – we had limited cleanup so we were able to sneak in a 6 mile run that afternoon.  It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon – such a difference from a few hours earlier.  We had a great run!

Monday – I didn’t get power until late Sunday night and I had already decided that if I didn’t have power Monday morning I was going to cut everything else off and run the treadmill off the generator.  Happy I I didn’t have to do that. I ran 6.5 miles on Monday – really a struggle as I was tired from all of the weekend activities and didn’t feel well.

Tuesday (today) – I really had a good run 8.5 miles.

Have a great day – for a run if you get a chance!


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