Stress and Not Enough Sleep…

I’ve been getting between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 hours of sleep each night – really think my body is better with a bit more, but seems like I have gotten adjusted to going to bed around 10 or 10:30pm and getting up at 4:30pm. I very seldom get to sleep straight through the night – most nights my 6 year old wakes me up around 12:30am (thristy, cold, hot, doesn’t want to sleep in her room) and my dogs wake me up around 2:30am (they are 12 and 8 – it’s the older dog that asks to go out). I’ve been working on a “hot” project at work recently and it’s a bit stressful at times – was about on the ledge the other night (and the night before that…and the week before that…kidding, it’s not that bad!). Stress and not enough sleep – I kept thinking about that as I started my run this morning and was so very tired- ok, no big deal – I’m alive, I have a good life, I can run…I have no complaints that are valid. I have run through some very crazy, difficult, emotional, up, down periods in my life – and I prevailed through each…I think the thing that kept me going  and not losing my mind through some tough times – was my running. As I ran this morning I kept telling myself the amount of sleep and the stress do not matter – I need the run to help me to wake up and I need the run to de-stress me…by the time I got 5 miles in it worked…I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t stressed! A great way to start a Friday!! Now let’s see about my 10 mile run tomorrow morning on the treadmill…

– Tamara


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