Reality TV Distracts Me from Quake Fears!

After experiencing the quake yesterday I was still on edge this morning. I was worried we would have another quake while I was in the basement running and Sam was upstairs sleeping – would I be able to get upstairs in time to save her? My mind had been racing with “after quake fear” since yesterday afternoon and I went to bed last night with a killer stress headache – I blame on the quake too! I managed to make my way downstairs after an argument with myself about whether I should run or not. Lucky for me (yeah, lucky – that’s right!) I had a new episode of Bachelor Pad (yes, that is right again – reality TV at it’s finest!) on my DVR. I was amazed at how fast my mind got into the silly (yes, I call it silly – but it still keeps my attention) show. My legs had been a bit achy after my short 3 mile run yesterday, but this morning I felt good. I ran 6 miles and forgot about the quake for a bit! When my feet hit the floor after my run I had another headache instantly – ugh. For the record, I admit I was a wreck yesterday and felt a bit bad that I practically trampled my co-workers in the stairwell – but every man/woman for themselves in that situation – and I would do it again, but think I’ll try the emergency exit next time…and…I could care less that the people on the West coast are making fun of our 5.9 quake, they can keep ’em all out there and I’ll send them a Maine blizzard too – see how they like that! Ok, I’m over it…I hate earthquakes! -Tamara


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