Jeff’s Daily Post – Earthquake Training “Check” – Hurricane Training “Check”!

I run mostly because I just enjoy the whole experience.  I like to push myself both mentally and physically – running does that for me.  My competitive side is the side that pushes me to sign up for races with a goal of continuous improvement.  I have three races coming up so at the moment my competitive side is kicking in and I’m in training.  I didn’t expect my training to come in handy during the Earthquake that the East Coast experienced yesterday (a 5.8 or 5.9 depending on who you talk to J).  I’ve never been through an earthquake and it was a bit of an unsettling experience.  I work in a rather small three story building near a naval base so occasionally we will get a building shake from a plane flying over.  That is what I thought was happening yesterday but after the building kept moving I realized it was more than that.  My first instinct was definitely to get out of the building.  I started running towards the door yelling as I ran to “get out of the building”.  I thought last night that I wish I had my Garmin on because I’m sure I would have set a PR because I was moving quick.  I’m proud of my speed but not so proud that I beat so many out of the building – I need to “man up” next time and make sure I’m not so close to the front.  Interesting that my first instinct was to run.  I was also concerned about Tamara as she was in a building down the street I actually went the end of the road to make sure I could still see the building she was in (wanted to make sure it was still standing!)  I will leave out all of the boring details but thankfully no one was hurt – Guess I can cross “Earthquake” off my to-do list.

I mention I have a few races coming up and one is the Annapolis 10 miler this Sunday.  The same time they are predicting the arrival of Hurricane Irene on the East Coast.  It looks like I may also be able to cross “Running in a Hurricane” off my list too.  C’mon mother nature – give us a break!

A slightly off 7 miles this morning – Have a great day and go for a run if you get a chance!


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  1. I am debating running in the A-10, I guess we will see how bad it is or if it is canceled! I guess it will at least be a story to tell to run in a hurricane, right?

  2. Guess running in the Hurricane is out – A-10 cancelled. That is probably a good thing because I would have risked life and limb to get up there!

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