Fog and Dead Frogs..

Rewind to yesterday…we are still on vacation in Maine – went to Acadia National Park and got some great pictures up on Cadalliac Mountain! Last night – hit the casino in Bangor – we lost our small limit quickly…my sister’s hubby was winning. Took til past 10:30pm to get them out of the casino – ugh…we had a morning run planned! Got to bed just before midnight – I think. Told Jeff he could run with me and I wasn’t running far. So he got up at 4-something, I have no clue…just knew it was too early for me and of course I was tired and grouchy – told him to turn on the fan so I could sleep longer and not hear him…in a nice morning way. He woke me up at 5:15am, by 5:35am we hit the road. He immediately was running behind me – not sure why – was he mad, tired, did he not want to run with me, was he sick, hurt? So I turned around and he pointed ahead and told me to go – go I did…but by 1 mile I couldn’t see him behind me and I freaked out – where was he? I stop by Garmin – I turn around, there he is…ok, guess I should keep going. Smack – I run into a fog bank…and glance down at many tiny dead frogs on the road…yuck. I am tired, but it doesn’t matter, my body wants to run. I keep going down the big hill past my sister’s house til I hit 2.5 miles then I turn around – there is Jeff – looking strong…as we pass he mentions something about the door at my Mom’s house and I say “Yeah” and we go in opposite directions. Don’t really like that – but I knew he wanted to run long. I run up the hill…fast…hitting a 7:20 at times on the way back to my Mom’s house. The fog is thick – really thick…I can only see directly in front of me for a few feet – so I look down at the dead frogs to pass the time. The fog reminds me of growing up in Maine – waking up around 5:30am to get out on the blueberry grounds to rake berries for the day – I don’t miss those days. The fog is thicker now…I just want to get done so I run faster. I feel so good – so free – so strong – thanks Maine hills! I finish my 5 miles in just under 40:00 which makes me smile as I attempt to find my way down my Mom’s driveway in the fog bank. Wow – what a great morning run on little sleep – perhaps it was the fog and the dead frogs that got me so motivated this morning!










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