Yesterday: Me + Hills = Disaster, Today: Me + Hills = Confidence Builder!

As Jeff mentioned in his post I struggled on the hills yesterday, well actually I crashed. At one point during the 12.5 miler I looked at my Garmin and I was running an 11:19 pace and wasn’t even on a hill! I just couldn’t recover after running up hill after hill. I literally dragged my feet…and my butt for the last 5 miles of the run. I hated Maine. Hated its hills. I visioned the the flat terrain of Southern Maryland and I missed it. I would have stopped and walked if Jeff hadn’t been by my side. My legs wouldn’t go, my brain wanted to go faster but I couldn’t…my legs felt huge..every muscle, bone, and fiber ached. When I finally got back to my sisters house I was tired, achy, and dehydrated. It took me a few hours to recover. This morning I needed to do better and I deserved to run in the rain and so I did. I ran 2.25 miles to my sisters. I purposely ran down a big hill so I would have to run back up. And I did. And I survived. And I ran faster up that hill then I ran down it yesterday. I was back. I felt my confidence building as I ran a 7:58 mile, I needed that. The hills didn’t conquer me today, I did. I won. Take that Maine!
– Tamara


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