That Wasn’t So Bad!!!

I was hoping for an outside run this weekend, but it wasn’t in the cards…there will be plenty of outside runs in my future…so I promise, it is OK! 🙂 I got up at my usual time of 4:30am – with my dogs – but decided to lay back down for a bit…didn’t wake up until 6:30 – uh oh! I knew I was going to hit the treadmill, so didn’t care how hot it was getting outside – except I was hoping Jeff got on his way early – but I knew the later start I got the better chance that I would get interrupted by a little person before I got my run in. By the time I cleaned up a present from my dogs, got changed, ate a cereal bar, and got downstairs it was already 7am. I found a new movie I DVR’ed but hadn’t watched yet – The Heartbreak Kid starring Ben Stiller. The movie is several years old and just another cheesy comedy I found that I hadn’t seen yet. I put a towel over the treadmill console (silly rule when I’m trying to run long so I won’t watch the miles tick away) and was off! The movie was…hmmmm…ok…lame at times…funny at times…I like Ben Stiller, so it did pass the time. Just when I was getting into the movie I see movement from above. No, not a UFO…a child…a 6 year old. I see on the monitor that Samantha is climbing outta bed – I remove the towel to stop the treadmill and notice I haven’t even ran 4 miles yet! It’s cute the way Sam knows where I am. I always leave the basement door cracked and with the noise of the TV and the treadmill (which is directly under her bedroom) she immediately heads down to find me. I’ve been running on the treadmill while she has been sleeping for years – since she was born – so it’s nothing new for her to wake up and to see the clues that I’m running. I hop off the treadmill for a few minutes to grab her a drink, some cereal, and a blanket. She picks out a movie and settles in her comfy chair to watch Mickey Mouse in the area just outside my gym. I love that it doesn’t bother her that I run – she actually has a strange respect for my exercising – I think she knows I am a better Mom if I get my workout in! Yeah, yeah – like any runner I hate stopping in the middle of a run, so it took me a few minutes to get back in the groove – but I did. And I ran, and ran…and I thought about how much I hate running distance on a treadmill…then I thought about Jeff and the crazy mileage he puts in on his treadmill…motivation to me…so I run more. Finally 5 minutes before the movie ends Sam’s movie is over and she decides it is time for her workout on the BowFlex (in her nightgown, she says she is exercising)  – I decide I’ve done enough mileage and stop at 11 miles. Wow – 11 miles on the treadmill…sounds painfully boring…surprisingly it wasn’t so bad – and I am proud I got my long run in and happy of my daughter for being an understanding little girl that no doubt will grow up to be an adult that enjoys her workouts!  


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