Easy Days, Hard Days…

I’m not posting every day – because I’m a slacker like that – but I have been running 5 days a week and trying to get back in a routine of what my non-running days are…which all depends on the social and activity calendars of my 6 year old. She’s participating in her first kids triathlon tomorrow morning – so I’m probably gonna take tomorrow off so I can be sure to get her there on time. I need a 10 miler this weekend – according to the Tamara Half Marathon Training Program After an Injury. I ran 6 on the treadmill yesterday and it was super-easy…the time flew by and the movie I was watching (“Sabrina”) wasn’t even all that good. I took Wednesday as an off day – so think the rest day really motivated me, I must have needed it. This morning, I dragged through 4 miles…I had phantom pains in my leg and started worrying about another injury. I finished the not-so-good movie from yesterday and then started another I had on the DVR only to realize it didn’t record with subtitles. I always read the words when I’m running – can’t turn it up too loud because I will wake my princess. Lucky for me, princess had a sleepover last night and wasn’t home – so I could turn it up to 100…but I still couldn’t hear it and my treadmill isn’t that loud! I was playing with the remotes trying to get the subtitles back on, flipped channels a dozen times, listened to a bit of music, then decided to quit at 4 miles. Physically I was tired, mentally I wasn’t into it – today was a hard day. It’s interesting that as soon as my run is over it doesn’t matter if it is an easy day or a hard day – all that matters is that I got a run in and that I did something good for my mind and my body – I immediately get a better mental attitude, I’m happier, and I’m ready for the rest of my day. That is what running is all about…for me…today…


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