Jeff’s Daily Post – Exercising the Mind!

I never have motivation issues but for some reason this morning I just wasn’t feeling the run when I woke up.  99% of the time I’m just giddy to jump on the treadmill or go for a run.  I just feel better both mentally and physically after I’ve gone for a run.  After some procrastination, I went downstairs and willed myself on the treadmill.  I was tired after a ¼ mile and kept thinking of when I would stop.  I almost stopped at 3 miles just thinking I would call it an “off day”.  When I reached mile 3 I started talking to myself, started to push and push a little more.  I ran 10 miles yesterday and I didn’t want to waste that with a really short day today – so I just kept running and continued the internal argument I was having in my head – push – stop – push – stop.  So who won? – I did and finished strong with 8.5 miles.  I look at today as one of those “mental” training days.  I say all of the time Strong Mind + Strong Body = Strong Runner and you have to train both.  Today my mind got a workout.

Have a great day!  Go out for a run if you get a chance.


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