Jeff’s Post – Love Boardwalk Runs!

I’ve mentioned it a few times before but I love running on the boardwalk.   We are still in Ocean City, Maryland and for the second morning in a row I went for a nice relaxing run on the boardwalk.  Yesterday mom offered to come watch Samantha in the morning so we could run.  I love being up here with family – Thank You Mom for coming to our room at 5:45am on your vacation so Tamara and  I could run together.  The run yesterday was beautiful.  Tamara took the camera so she could take some pictures and that is about all she did the first ¼ mile.  It made me laugh and none of the pictures turned out.  I remember at one point telling her (I was kidding of course) to focus and get to work!  We had a great run and got to watch the sun peek its way through the clouds.  Tamara peeled off at about mile 7 and I told her I was going for another mile.  Well, I have a tendency to push it and ended up running a little over 13 miles.  I felt strong the whole time and loved running with Tamara.

This morning Tamara got up first and went out.  When she returned I went back to the boardwalk.  The boardwalk is 2.2 miles and I wanted to try to get in 8 miles.  I was feeling a little off at the beginning it could have been from the few “Big Fish” I had at Fish Tales last night (I love Fish Tales btw).  At about mile 2 my cousin Bryan shows up beside me and ran about 4 miles with me.  We had talked about running over the past few days (I can’t help but talk about it) so I was thrilled to see him show up.  I was able to get in 8.8 miles.

Ok, done with the blog – need to get back to the beach – another run in my future tomorrow – probably!

Ocean City, MD Boardwalk

The “Big Fish”

Group Shot


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