2 Beach Runs Down!

7/25 Run – After taking off Sunday, I was ready to get my longest run of the week in on Monday. I was so happy and thankful that Jeff’s Mom was up for sitting with Sam while Jeff and I went for an early run yesterday. We left the hotel at 6am and hit the OC boardwalk. We immediately saw the sun sneaking up through the clouds  – what a great way to start a run! I try to snap a few pictures of Jeff and of the sunrise – not very successful as I didn’t slow down enough. We continued toward the south end of the boardwalk and made our turn at the end leaving the beautiful view behind us. As we ran toward 1st street, we couldn’t help but glance back at the sunrise until it became hidden behind a cloud. I’ve never run on the OC boardwalk before – I loved the view of the damp boardwalk, the rough surf pounding over the early morning groomed sand, and the shops preparing for a bustling day of activity. There were a few other runners, walkers, and bikers on the boardwalk and the longer we ran the more people appeared. It is amazing how quickly my running pace adjusts to Jeff’s, I know it is slower then he normally runs – but listening to our shoes hit the wet boards in sync was amazingly relaxing to me. I wanted to get 7 miles in (1 mile longer then my schedule!), so I let Jeff lead the way. I struggled with a few stomach issues on an off after about 4 miles – and wish I would stop looking at my Garmin. After running the boardwalk, I asked Jeff to lead us to the road for a bit – he did and I followed. We ran the bus lane for a bit – it was early so there wasn’t much traffic. We finished on the boardwalk and I mentioned I needed to break a 63:00 for my 7 miles – and we did…it was 60:00! I was happy! Jeff ran on for another “1 mile” and I headed back to the room – thanks again to Jeff’s Mom – I very much appreciate her! 

7/26 Run – This morning I got the early morning running shift and headed out around 6:15 – drats! I missed the sunrise! I couldn’t see the sun at all, it was hidden behind some clouds. As I start running south on the boardwalk, immediately I notice a group from Jeff’s family out for their morning walk – I didn’t speak as I was adjusting my iPod and trying to get in my pace.  I was happy to be out early and began people watching as I ran. It felt different to be out on the boardwalk running alone – without Jeff beside me. My feet sounded awkward and sloppy as they hit the damp boards – it took me almost a mile to get settled into a comfortable pace. I kept glancing to the left behind me as I ran and soon noticed the sun making it’s way higher into the sky – a big fiery orange ball –  what a beautiful sight – I wished I had a camera (and Jeff!) with me. When I got closer to the end of the boardwalk I was amazed by how many runners were  out – I passed a few and even ran around and past a couple enjoying an early morning ride in a bike surry. Heading back north on the boardwalk I continue people watching. I wonder what the woman sitting on the bench is reading – she looks peaceful and happy. I wonder what the man is typing so quickly into his cell phone as his face seems stressed and worried. I see a couple embraced by the water – I wonder what they are talking about and where they are from. I see a man carrying a small toddler with a bag of donuts – I wonder what is in the bag and if he would care to share! Ahhh….I now see Dunkin Donuts and spy the group from Jeff’s family. I give a shout as they are heading into the shop “Ladies, step away from the Donuts!”, I repeat my chant as I run closer to them and I see them smile. I’m jealous – I want a latte and an egg sandwich! I continue my run and continue my people watching. The miles tick by and I soon make it back to the hotel and finish my 4.5 mile morning beach run. It was envigorating and I am now awake ready to begin my day!


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