Jeff’s Post – Boy – It is hot out here!

I woke up this morning in one of my favorite places – Ocean City Maryland.  I have been coming here since I was a kid and I just love being here.  Our original plan was to come down on Sunday (with the rest of the family) but Tamara and I decided to leave last night so we could get a head start.  Geez, is this place crowded.  We didn’t have reservations for Friday and Saturday and decided to wing it and see what we could find.  After about an hour and about 15 rejections (Tamara said she was getting used to rejection) we finally found a room.  Way too expensive but oh well!  We are staying in North Ocean City which is new for me.  All of the years I have been coming here we have always stayed on the Boardwalk (that is where we will be going to on Sunday).  So I’m looking forward to exploring another territory.  Funny that I wanted to get to bed before it got too late last night because I wanted to run early this morning – wow how things have changed.  It is hot hot hot and humid in Maryland right now.  Tamara and I decided last night that she would get up and run first and then I would go after.

Now for the not so good part.  When Tamara came back I headed out for my run.  I was determined to run from the Delaware state line to the end of the Boardwalk in Ocean City.  I had no idea how far that was I just knew we are staying on 145th street and I had to run to 1st street and back.  Initially, when I headed out it didn’t feel that hot and there was a little breeze.  I really enjoyed the run down going past some of my favorite places – The Green Turtle, Seacrets, Dumsers, The Fractured Prune and many others.  I ran out of water at about mile 6 and knew I needed to get something.  Have you ever tried feeding a wet limp dollar bill into a soda machine – doesn’t work.  I knew I would be to the boardwalk soon and would be able to get some water.  I find a little breakfast shop and see a cooler with some Gatorade.  I go in and hand the nice lady behind the counter two dripping wet dollar bills.  I was a bit embarrassed and she wasn’t too thrilled to be accepting my literally dripping wet money but she took it.  I filled up my amphipod, drank the rest and headed towards 1st street.  I really should have turned around at this point – I hate stopping in the middle of a run and when I started again I just didn’t have it and it was sooooo hot.  But I said I was going to 1st street and that is what I was going to do.  I really don’t remember much of the boardwalk run I know I went to 1st street and turned around.  At that time I was out of water again and out of dollar bills but had a bit of change.  I see a soda machine with water for $.40 – really $.40 didn’t think that was possible but I happily scurry over and put my money in.  You think this machine had water, nope all out, so I start hitting buttons frantically after anything at this point and out pops a Mountain Dew.  I initially think, I probably shouldn’t be drinking a Mountain Dew but didn’t care now – I just need to get back.  This is also the time I reach into my trusty little SPIbelt again and pull out the bat phone.  I wanted to tell Tamara not to worry but I was going to be a while.  I think I was at about 20th street and the thought of running all the way back was a bit daunting.  I felt like I had nothing in the tank.  I started to run again and this began the run/walk that would take me a few more miles.  At about 50th street I’m dying of thirst again. I considered going into a first aid station asking if they had water but I was afraid they wouldn’t let me out.  I found a convenience store and go in to buy some water.  I end up with a PowerAde Zero (really like those).  There was a huge line in this store and I’m standing in the middle literally dripping in sweat – I almost yelled for a cleanup in aisle 2 because I left a puddle in the floor.  I also call Tamara AGAIN to tell her not to worry that I’m ok but it is still going to be a while.  Turns out she is at the pull tweeting (@werrunners) my progress.  The last 40 streets took forever but I made it back – never happier to be back at the room.  17 miles at a horrible pace (11:00) – I learned a lesson (I think) and will be a little more careful next time.


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