I Never Sweat!!! Why Today????

Today was my scheduled day off from running – so what was I thinking getting up at 6am on a Saturday – on vacation – at the beach??? Oh, that’s right – I’m a runner! We do crazy things like that!! I was lucky enough to get the first running shift this morning – YEAH ME!!! We are staying on the MD – DE line so I thought it would be nice to run into DE. After a quick call back up to the room to make sure Jeff didn’t miss the sunrise, I headed out. After realizing there was a bike lane I settled into pace with a smile on my face – this was gonna be a good run! What is that dripping down my back and into my eyes?! I am not kidding – I never sweat – ok, maybe that is exaggerating, but I very, very rarely sweat. I managed to maintain a 8:13 pace for the first mile despite having problems breathing from the heat and humidity. I decided to turn around at 4 miles. As I approached my turnaround point I was getting bored with the bike lane and decided to venture to the beach – I could see the small dunes. I found an opening and made my way through the deep (why didn’t I turn around here?) sand to the shoreline. Ahhhh…it was about 5-10 degrees cooler! Nice – now I will stop sweating…or sweat less!! I have run on a few other beaches, so was really excited. Then I took 2 steps and realized the slope was unbearable and the tide must have just turned because there was no hard packed sand! UGH!!! Like a determined runner I continued down the beach – glance at my Garmin and see 11:15 pace – and try harder to maintain my footing. After a 1/2 mile I see an opening in the dunes, I’m outta here! I walk (sand is too deep to run) to the opening onto a path. Huh?! It’s a path to some condos…just my luck…wait, I see a runner through the trees…the road…I find a small, short path through the woods/trees (it’s morning, I’m safe, right?) and book it for the road. The sweat returns – I thought I left you at the beach!? I struggled for another 1/2 mile to get out of the 11:00 pace, not sure why. As the sweat is pouring down my face, back, neck, legs…ok, my entire body…I keep looking ahead for the hotel. After what seemed like miles (was only 1 1/2 miles) I see it!! Hotel, sweet, hotel! When I got back to the room, Jeff was ready to go and immediately heads out the door for his run – I warn him – it is hot and don’t run on the beach!! I glance at my phone to check the weather – it’s 86 degrees with a heat index of 98 degrees…so that is why I was sweating!!! I’ve been back for :30, got the AC on 72, and the sweat is still dripping down my back!!! Time to hit the shower!!! I’m ready for a day at the beach – at least I’m used to the sweating by now!


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