Jeff’s Daily Post – Thanks Coach!

Tamara did a great job recapping our staycation run.  We live so close to so many beautiful places.  It was nice to finally take advantage of it.  I just loved our run together (I have missed those while she has been hurt). Our Solomons run was a little shorter than one of my typical weekend runs (8.5 miles).  I knew I wanted to get in a little longer run today and decided that I would run again from my parent’s house who live a few miles from me.  I would love to run to their house but there is a stretch of highway with no shoulders and it really isn’t safe so driving is the best bet.  What I loved about today is that as soon as I walked in my parent’s door my Dad had a route in mind for me.  I love that he is thinking about where I’m running.  I tend to get bored with the same long routes so I’m always looking to change things up a bit.  His suggestion worked out great – he picked a challenging course, thought about the hills, the shade, the side of the highway I would be on, really just love that both Dad and Mom are interested and so supportive.  I was able to pound out 14 miles thanks to the great course that “Coach” picked out.  I’m looking forward to my next long run and can’t wait to see what the “Coach” has in store for me!

Today’s soundtrack – The American Country Countdown – Thanks for spinning the tunes Kix!



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