Tamara’s Version…Great Run, Great Mini-Local-Vacation!!

Not sure if Jeff cares that I post the whole story – so we’ll see if he removes this post!! We made a last minute decision last night to go have dinner in Solomons – only about 10 miles away. We thought it would be fun to have a nice dinner and then hit the local outside Tiki bar for a drink (or 2!). We then made a last second decision to spend the night – why not? It was safer then having a drink or 2 and driving – and it would be like we were on vacation! We had a nice dinner at the Captain’s Table and were able to snag a table outside so we could look at the boats on the bay and enjoy the waterview (right, it’s the Chesapeake? How long have I lived here?). It ws nice and relaxing after a hectic week at work and home. After dinner we took the local shuttle down to the end of the island – yeah, we could have walked, but so glad we didn’t – it was fun to ride in the semi-golf cart (is that what it was?) as we laughed about our little adventure. We enjoyed a few drinks at the Tiki bar – their speciality is Mai Tais, but we opted for KokoMais and Kokomos (yummy!!!). We chatted with a few people we knew – interesting that those few people were runners/cyclists so that is what we talked about! We headed back to our hotel around…hmmm…I don’t know what time it was!?! I was shocked when Jeff didn’t wake me up at 0500 to run – it was a little later when he sprang outta bed to get his oatmeal from the hotel breakfast bar so that he was fueled for a run. Around 0800 we were ready for a run – it was a beautifully clear morning as we ran down toward the island and up onto the boardwalk. It is a very short boardwalk but the view of the bay and the Solomon’s Bridge is spectacular. We have both been here probably 100s of times – and we have both run here before also (me many times, Jeff once in a race – but he will be running there more!)…but we were both wishing we had a camera with us. Funny, we live 10 miles away and have seen this view so many times before – this morning was different. It was the run. It was the feeling of waking up and doing something good for our bodies and minds – and I won’t lie, it was the feeling of being together…not sure who (if anyone) is reading this – so hope I’m not making too many people throw up! We continued down and around the island and looped back to run on the main frontage road. We enjoyed a talk about how lucky we were that we are physically able to run – we thought about people that are sick or injured or for other reasons cannot run like we can – we are so very fortunate – and seems that we think about that pretty frequently. I bowed out of the run at 5.25 miles and Jeff continued – he will post his story so I won’t give it away, but thinking I already did give most of it away! Every runner (and everybody) should attempt to take a mini-local-vacation from time to time – it is so refreshing for your mind…and body!!! The perfect start to the weekend!




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