Tamara’s Daily Post – Worried…

Yeah, that’s right “Worry” should be my middle name…I’m a chronic worrier. My latest worry is that I will not be ready for the RnR 1/2. I planned to run 5 miles this morning and for some odd reason I couldn’t get my butt on the treadmill in time to get in 5, so I stopped at 4 miles. A little disappointing, but I was “worried” that I wouldn’t get Samantha ready for camp in time…and I was “worried” I would be majorly late getting to work if I ran more. I thought just maybe I would get an outside run in this weekend…or 2 runs…and I’m “worried” I won’t have time…but was happy Jeff is thinking about a few runs this weekend and hoping he will persuade me to go with him at least once! So I will settle for 4 miles at the moment. I have a spreadsheet that lays out my mileage from now until the RnR, it’s a drastic increase in miles – which doesn’t work well for me because that typically means injury for me – but I’m going to try it. Without a plan I was “worried” I would increase even faster then I should – so figure a plan would help me stay focused. We shall see!!!


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