Jeff’s Daily Post – On the Bike!

After 28 miles on the pavement over the weekend I decided to give my legs (and ailing foot) a break from the pounding but only a break from the pounding!  I jumped on the bike trainer this morning ready to go at it again!  I must admit I was a bit excited to get back on the bike (it has been a while).  I have my Trek 2.1 on a CycleOps trainer and although I would prefer to ride outside, it is much safer, cooler and easier to ride inside for now.  I also get to watch a bit of TV while I’m riding (today I watched The Goo Goo Dolls live from Red Rocks – really good!).  I rode the bike for 1 hour and was able to get in a little over 12 miles.  I was happy to get a workout in and I was happy to give my legs a little break.  It is nice to have the bike as an option but I’m a runner and that is what I would rather do – so tomorrow morning I hope to say hello to my treadmill again!


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