Jeff’s Weekend Recap – 28 Miles and a New Weekly PR!

Geez, another weekend flew by and I spent about 4 hours running!  I’m really trying to fit a weekly Saturday long run in and this weekend I had a bonus long Sunday run.  Both days were hot and I really got a later start than I should have.  I repeated my Leonardtown to Hollywood route on Saturday.  I like this route, nice shoulders on the road each way and I’m able to venture off in a few neighborhoods.  I just like running through neighborhoods they are a nice distraction and I like the action, it also doesn’t hurt that I end up back and Mom and Dad’s and can take a dip in the pool if I like.   I felt pretty good most of the run (although still slower than I like).  I ran 15 miles in 2 hours and 4 minutes with an average pace of 8:13.  Sunday’s run was from Tamara’s house down towards Ridge.  I really hadn’t planned running on Sunday but my legs felt good when I woke up and I really hate to waste an opportunity to run outside.  I set a goal for about 6.5 miles and figured anything over that would be a bonus.  Tamara lives down a hilly gravel road that is about a mile long – if you make it out generally you are good to go.  My knees hurt a little at the beginning but I figured that was from a combination of the hills and just not being warmed up yet.  What I didn’t expect was the relentless attack by a bunch of biting flies the whole way down the road.  I could never make it on survivor, these flies hurt and they weren’t giving up.  I’m sure if anyone saw my attempt to keep these flies off they would have gotten a nice laugh.  I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do if they kept following me down the road but they left as soon as I got on the highway.  I felt good right away but only allowed myself to go 5 miles down and then I turned around.  Some of you may remember my call for help and I didn’t want that to happen again.  I ran by Tamara’s road and decided to go the other way for a couple miles and ended up with 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 52 minutes (8:33 pace).  I hate that slow pace btw but I’m happy with the distance a day after 15 miles so I will take it.  The two long weekend runs also game me another weekly PR 66.87 miles and that was with a day off and a foot that is hurting!

Very happy with my progress this week.  I’m thinking of taking the day off tomorrow and ride the bike trainer.  I will see how I feel in about 8 hours and take it from there!


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  1. Oh c’mon! That digusting fly was not on my road! I think you brought it with you!! Don’t you know you are suppose to run with a fly swatter down in these parts of the county?! 🙂

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