Jeff’s Daily Post – 62.5 Miles this week – A new record for me!

This was the first weekend in a while that we haven’t had a race and although I really enjoy the races I also enjoy a nice relaxing run on a Saturday.  I had two really good runs this weekend and they pushed me to a new weekly mileage record of 62.5 miles.  Saturday was my first outside run of the week and I wanted it to be a longer run.  I was shooting for 10 miles but was able to get in 13.5.  I started the run from my parent’s house.  They have a pool and that is always a nice reward after a long run.  I’m also able to get in a nice loop with decent distances on either side of their house.  I find that it helps me mentally to know that I’m not so far away from my destination.  This morning I was hoping to get in another run outside from Tamara’s house but silly me didn’t check the weather.  I put all of my gear on and headed out the front door excited for my run and then noticed the rain –whaat!  So I decided to come back to my house and put in some treadmill miles.  I felt good right away and knew it was going to be a good run.  I also had a goal – at least 6 miles to break my weekly mileage record.  I had Wimbledon on the TV and was listening to the American Country Countdown – Enough distraction and motivation to push past the 6 to 8.5.

Have a great day and have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Tamara in the Spirit!!


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  1. Country countdown…really? We need to work on that…I think you need to borrow my iPod again! Its great to be 17 like me!!! 🙂

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