Tamara’s Daily Post – Giddy!

Sticking to my plan – I set out to run a mile this morning again. So glad I got another movie to watch, it’s “What a Girl Wants” – not a very exciting movie, but cute and a nice distraction. I started my run at a 12:00 pace, that’s right…almost 5:00 a mile slower then I’m capable of running. The stride that much slower is actually hard – it’s a strange feeling but definitely easy on my aerobically, no troubles breathing at that pace for me. I was immediately smiling as my feet hit the treadmill and I felt no pain! When I approached the 1/2 mile, I decided to increase the pace :15 seconds every so often – still felt good. At the 3/4 mile I’m giddy, still smiling, and feeling like I’ve won the lottery! So I kept running – around 1.25 miles I felt the pull about 4 inches long up my leg – eeks…I ran another .25 to end at 1.5 miles. I really know my body very well and know when I’m injured or coming off an injury what I can take – took me a long time to get to this point, but I want to be running 20 years from now and feeling good! Just realized I’m still smiling :30 after my run! 🙂


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