Tamara’s Jungle Jim 5K Race Report

We are back from the beach – ugh – back to reality… As you saw, we did very well at the Jungle Jim 5K as posted by Jeff. I would definitely do this race again! I was, as usual, a nervous wreck (.com) as we arrived at the race site. I tried my typical procrastinating to try to stay in the car longer – but we had to pick up our numbers and Jeff was anxious and ready to go. The race packet pickup was inside the water park and very well organized. We quickly got our numbers and headed back to the car. Jeff proceeds with his pre-race ritual of taking a picture of a t-shirt (which we thought was very nice!) and our race numbers to post on FaceBook. I climb back in the van and do some more moaning and groaning and complaining about being up so early – I’m overly nervous at this point. I haven’t run since the B10, been trying to heal my leg – so that adds to my pre-race jitters. It wasn’t long before Jeff drags me kicking and screaming to do a warm-up run – kidding, I went willingly! After we run less than 1/4 of a mile my leg begins to ache – I am beyond frustrated at this point and say a few unpleasant words about how mad I am that I’m not completely healed yet. We head back to the car and I pop 2 Advil – I know, I know – not a smart thing to do. But really it wasn’t as painful as it was 2 weeks ago, but enough so I feel it – and besides, Adivl helps inflammation, so I’m doing the right thing – or so I tell myself. The next 1/2 hour flies by…probably because I was walking back and forth to the bathroom a few more times! When we line up at the start I’m really nervous now – worried about my leg..worried about not finishing…and worried all those women would kick my butt! More people then I realized were there line up – Jeff gets closer to the front of the pack and I stand about 4 rows deep behind him. When we start I feel pretty good – my leg isn’t bothering me..until I get about 1/4 mile out – eek…it’s just a dull ache…nothing major… I settle into a comfortable pace after passing a few women. A little girl catches me about Mile 1, but she quickly has trouble breathing and has to walk – took my mind off things – she was so little, reminded me of Samantha. I follow a pack of 3 women for 1 1/2 miles and I get passed by a woman that looks to be my age around the same time. We run together briefly then I pull ahead – eyeing the women ahead. I catch 2 of them around Mile 2 and 2 1/2. I’m enjoying the course that winds through a quiet residential area. The course is well marked and there are plenty of volunteers at the turns. My leg ache goes away – because it’s magically healed? Yeah, I think that is it. I’m wishing I could see Jeff as I try to keep a decent pace and wonder what my time will be – I can’t look at my GPS – it will jinx me. As I make the final turn before the turn into the water park I try to pick up the pace – that doesn’t last long because I was off on my thinking and we were still running 2 roads out. The time goes by very quickly and I am soon (for real) spotting the entrance to the water park. I sprint as fast as I can into the park. I see Jeff waiting for me at the finish – look up, look over here, I need some motivational cheering – and he does! I crossed the finish line in 22:43, good enough for 3rd place in the 40-44 women’s age group which got me a very cool trophy! I’m happy! My leg feels ok. The awards presentation was quick and again very well-organized – the results were also ready in a timely manner. We hung out at the water park until they kicked us out – hahahahaha! Not quite, but we did get a slide in and a few rides around the lazy river! My rating for the Jungle Jim 5K is an A- (can’t give an A because I was hungry at the finish and the fruit and huge garbage bag of bagels didn’t do it for me!), I would recommend this race for anyone looking to run something different and fun! Glad I ran it – glad it was all my idea and glad I persuaded Jeff to get up out of bed to run it!! 🙂 Kidding – thank you Jeff!


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