Jeff’s Daily Post – Mind over Body!

A tough 6.5 miles on the treadmill this morning.  I’m always saying to myself “Strong Mind + Strong Body = Strong Runner”.  I typically think that I’m training my body on all of my runs (90% of which are on the treadmill in the 5:00am hour) but I also know that all of those runs are strengthening my mind and making me mentally tough.  It is easy to talk yourself out of a run when it is just you.  It’s easy to stop when you think you are tired or you think you don’t feel good.  I also think it is important to find things that keep you motivated.  In addition to the blog, I typically log all of my workouts on Facebook.  If I’m running on the treadmill I will take a picture of the treadmill screen and post that, if I’m running outside I will upload my workout on MapMyRun.  I realize this pisses off some of my non-running friends but doing this motivates me and I have also found that it has motivated others (love love that).  So I would consider today’s workout a “Mind” workout.  My legs were tired after mile one but I kept my head down and kept running.  It may have been a short treadmill run but I’m training my mind for bigger and better things.  Have a great day!


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  1. I, for one, find your FaceBook posts very motivating so keep it up!

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