Tamara’s Baltimore 10 Miler Race Report

Well, it’s about time I’m finding some time (making some time) to give my B10 race report! I was glad Jeff posted his report before mine – and still wondering why he left out some very interesting information?! When Jeff’s alarm (note – I did not set an alarm!) went off on Saturday morning, I was definitely not ready to run a race – 4am?! Really??? So I procrastinated as long as I could – fell back asleep – pretended I was sleeping – and finally got up around 5am. I spent a bit of time watching a video on how to tape my shin – and think I did a pretty good job at it! I was happy Jeff was so organized and brought us oatmeal – and even more happy he got us upgraded to a suite with a microwave!

Driving to the race I was more interested in trying to take pictures of the sunrise then helping Jeff navigate – think it was my fault we missed the exit. I will have to admit I was not upset at all when Jeff almost got the van stuck on the curb, it was kind of funny to see the look on his face – I immediately thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get a new SUV! As we pulled into a parking spot right at 6am – I was thinking about the extra sleep I could have gotten…perhaps I could get a little shut-eye in the van? Wrong! Jeff wanted to check out the start line and the happenings – so I agreed – I probably should get up off my butt and try to wake myself up. I “checked out” the porta-potties and was in disbelief at the small number that they had – surely they had more somewhere? We walked back to the van, but it wasn’t long before Jeff wanted to walk around again – ok, see ya! – I decided to hang out in the van for a bit longer. I took some Advil for my leg; decided to drink some of a day old, opened energy drink; and took some silly pictures of myself. Along comes Jeff. He notes the port-a-potty lines are really long – being the veteran runner that I am – I thought he was probably over-exaggerating – but decided to go check it out. It was 7am. OH MY!!! I have never seen lines that long at any race! Even at races 5 times this big! I stood in line for about 3 minutes…then had a brainstorm! I walked back to the van – met Jeff again – and told him I was going to use Samantha’s portable potty in the van! I’ve joked about this in the past – never thought I would really use it. As I saw several people using the bathroom around the parking lot in the grass, I concluded my idea was better! So – I used my 6 year old’s potty!! Score!

We made our way to the start line and started around the 8 minute pace marker. I was nervous about my leg, but excited for the race to start. When the gun went off and I took the first steps – I was surprised my leg was feeling “ok”. It wasn’t 100%, but it wasn’t the pain I was experiencing earlier in the week. Jeff ran next to me and that helped the miles pass by very quickly. I never look at my GPS, but for some reason I glanced down at 1 mile – 7:35? Ugh! Too fast! But I felt good – the 7 days of no running did me good! I had to use the port-a-potty again, but didn’t stop – didn’t want to break our stride. I was surprised Jeff was sticking with me for so long. We passed and got passed by a few guys that he knows from the local running scene. I thought maybe Jeff would want to run with them, but he said no – I was then worried his foot might be hurting. We had an agreement he would go ahead when/if he wanted to. As we neared the 4 mile marker I could see the guys from Southern MD again – hmmmmm….I think we can catch them. We began running up a decent incline – I had a goal – I didn’t want Jeff to finish behind these guys, so I ran as hard as I could so we could pass them – and we did! Jeff and I ran side by side until mile 5 – then Jeff ran ahead – I was a bit relieved, I was getting winded and my legs were heavy. I run with only 1 earbud in (left ear) and it was awesome to listen to my music (yeah, my 17 year old playlist of BEP, Lady Gaga, Brittany Spears, Usher, etc.) and to hear the pounding of dozens of other runner’s feet hitting the pavement around me. I watched Jeff as we proceeded up a very long incline at mile 6 – I thought I would never get to the top! Around mile 7 1/2, I couldn’t see him anymore – that was ok – I knew he was ahead of me going strong. At mile 8 the 1:20 Geico pace group caught me, so I knew I wasn’t going to break a 1:20 – I tried to keep pace with them, but I couldn’t. We started going around come corners and up more inclines and I just wanted the race to be over! My leg was feeling “ok”, I was favoring it and putting much more pressure on my right leg – but it was working…until around 9 1/2 miles – it was starting to hurt more now. I really think I must have been at a 10 minute pace for the last mile – don’t know, still haven’t checked my Garmin. Just before the finish a spectator hollered that the finish line was around the corner and down the hill – woohoo!!!! I picked it up a bit – as much as I could – and was thrilled when I crossed the finish line in 1:23!!! I immediately saw Jeff waiting for me and after I high-fived someone else (not sure if he thought I looked like I had no one cheering for me?!) Jeff and I got some water and were ready to enjoy the post-race festivities! The band (what was the name again?! – Jeff Edit – Riothouse) was very good – the beer line was…unbelievable!! But we stood in it, got our beer, and sat on the grass to enjoy the morning. We had a great time and a great race!

Would I run this race again?! Yes, I would – and I would make sure to bring my daughter’s portable pottty again too!!


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