Tamara’s Injury Update – WOOHOO!!!!!!! (for now at least…)

I’ve been avoiding posting – yeah, purposely…but I have been lurking on the blog to read Jeff’s posts. It’s been a busy work for me on the work and home front – Samantha started swim team this week too! Sooooooo…I have not run in 6 days – and emotionally I AM A WRECK!!! Well, not entirely true – no one at work has noticed a difference at all – I’ve been injured before and I know how to deal with it – but steer clear and don’t talk to me until around NOON!! Kidding! Really I’m fine…can’t you tell, I’m fine – I promise I’m ok! Not running is not bothering me at all! I’m good! I’m great! UGH! I’m lying – I sooo can’t stand to not be able to run! Earlier this week I had a very difficult time walking up the stairs (I’m a runner – the elevator is out of the question) to work – and just walking to a meeting was painful. I spent most of the week in my office with my foot propped up on a little footstool under my desk – I tried to avoid walking around the office too much. I also did alot of pretending it didn’t hurt – as a runner I have learned that it is a waste of my time to let anyone at work know I have an injury – especially a running injury. They don’t get it – they will just look at me with a crazy blank stare and then make a comment like “That’s what you get for running so much!” So – I’ve learned my lesson – don’t tell anyone! As the week progressed I felt my shin getting better – then I would get up, put weight on it and realize it wasn’t so much better. Hmmmm…so I continued to rest it, ice it, and applied heat in the evenings. By Wednesday, I decided to make a doctor’s appointment. Yesterday at 10:45am, I had my appointment. I felt that it was better as I drove to the appointment and felt a little guilty for even going. BUT – I had a crazy plan…I really, really wanted an xray – how silly is that? Yeah, I need to make sure it is not a stress fracture so I can try to run on it Saturday at the B10. The LPN that saw me knows that I’m a runner. After I told her what I was feeling she told  me that it sounded like a stess fracture…great…not what I wanted to hear. She could tell right away that I wanted an xray – so she sent me downstairs to get one! Yeah!!! I had to wait about :40 and that about killed me – hurry up people, can’t you tell I’m a runner and I really need to find out if I have a stress fracture! Wow – how rude am I?! After I finally got 2 xrays, I had to wait :10 for them to print – the printer had to warm up – really – you are kidding me – why wouldn’t you turn that on beforehand?! So I get the xrays and head upstairs. Of course I decided to read the xrays myself in the elevator – and yeah, with 3 other people riding up with me…I think I looked kinda like a doctor! I see nothing! Woohoo!!! I took the xrays to the LPN and told her “I saw nothing on the films – I read them in the elevator”. She smiles and decides she should read them herself. Ha! She sees nothing either – just a little mark that could be something…no, it’s nothing, she doesn’t see a stress fracture either! I’m clear! She now sees the huge grin on my face and the runner’s twinkle in my eyes – and she immediately says “You know you should still stay off it for awhile”. Yes, I know – I promise to take it easy – it appears to be a shin splint then, right? I think…  So…here we are on our way to Baltimore, the race is in the morning – I’m still resting my leg. It really, really feels fine at the moment! I promise, promise that I will just see how it feels in the morning and if it is too painful – I will stop…and walk…or run slow…I promise, I promise!!!!


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