Jeff’s Daily Post – Countdown to the Baltimore 10 Miler!

Another running day off.  This is the first time I’ve taken two running days off since January.  My foot and legs feel better and if we weren’t running the B10 tomorrow I would be running today.  This is my first official “longer race” (Tamara “The Veteran” has run this distance and longer many times) I’m excited and a bit nervous.  I’m not worried about the distance.  I really like the 10 mile distance and I’ve run that distance plenty of times.  I do have a few worries.  I’ve never taken a couple days off before a race (that worries me a little), Never had my foot hurt before (that worries me a little), Tamara’s leg is still hurting her (that worries me a little) but all of these little worries can’t take away the excitement that I have for this race and our weekend.  I’m not looking to break any time records tomorrow I just want to run a good strong race.  I love a weekend around a race and we are staying a couple nights in Baltimore so that makes it even better.  Packet pick-up tonight, race day tomorrow at 7:30 and hopefully a relaxing afternoon at the  Harbor and Fells Point enjoying a beer or two!  So here’s to you Baltimore and your 10 miler – we are ready to take on your race and your city!


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