Jeff’s Daily Post – Zilch – Nada – Null – Goose Egg!

Wow, werrunners and neither one of us is running today.  I can honestly say that I feel a bit strange sitting at the computer at 5:30am typing this.  I’m always running at this time (at least during the week).  Today is the first day I’ve taken off in June.  I did have two Mondays where I didn’t run (rode the bike).  I lifted weights for a few minutes this morning but I’m not counting that – Today will be a day off.  I looked at my workouts on Garmin Connect and I’ve taken 6 days off since March – that is probably a bit crazy.  I planned on running today – actually went to the treadmill and started but stopped before I got a ¼ mile in.  My foot is still bothering me a bit and I don’t want to lay a goose egg at the B10 race on Saturday.  I’m also going to take Friday off.  I’m now guaranteed to have the lowest mileage this week that I have had in months and months.  Not sure I like that but it is probably a good thing.

I’m still worried about Tamara and her leg.  She goes to the doctor today, I know she will feel better once she knows what she is dealing with.  We watched the movie ET a few weeks ago.  I was 11 when the movie came out and it was fun to watch a movie as an adult that I had such fond memories of as a kid (There were a bunch of things I didn’t remember and the special effects that I thought were so cool were a bit lame).  I’m beginning to think Tamara and I are like ET and his friend Elliot. E.T. gets seriously sick, and because of his special connection to Elliot, the young boy suffers, too.  It seems like my foot started hurting when Tamara’s suffered her leg injury – must be our special connection :).  So we will sit and wait patiently (well maybe not patiently) for our healing spaceship to come and rescue both of us!


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