Jeff’s Weekend Recap – Ups and Downs

The weekend just flew by and boy were we busy.  Tamara and I both wanted to get a longer run in over the weekend.  We decided on Saturday to meet at my parents house so Samantha could go swimming while we ran in town.  We started our run at about 9:00am – a little later than I normally like but still early enough that we would have enough time to get some decent distance in.  Tamara mentioned to me earlier that morning that she was feeling a little weak so I was a bit worried about her.  We are alike in so many ways.  We both have this amazing drive and we are always worried about disappointing each other so I knew that she would still run even though I gave her an out.  We started our run and I noticed right away that Tamara’s pace was a bit off.  I asked her if she was ok – of course she says yes and I just figured that she was still not feeling good (she didn’t mention the real issue until later in the run).  At about mile 1 we seem to be back on our normal pace.  I’m always amazed at how well we run together.  We always seem to be in stride, I love hearing our feet hit the pavement in sync almost like marching soldiers.  We decide at about mile 2 to turn down a side road.  It was hot Saturday and we were running directly in the sun and the side road would give us some shade. We went down this hilly road another mile or so and Tamara wanted to keep going (I was a bit concerned about getting too far away from my parents house – didn’t want this to be the second weekend in a row I needed to call for a rescue).  We made a compromise and ran another ½ mile and then started to head back.  When we got to the main road it was hot!  Tamara made one or two or maybe three comments on how we should have run the back road a little longer because it was in the shade.  I wasn’t going to disagree but there was no turning back at this point.  We head back to town and about a mile away Tamara mentions that her shin is bothering her (Turns out she felt something in her shin on the first step of our run but didn’t mention it).  She is a trooper so she downplayed how much she was hurting and tells me to keep running.  I wanted to get in around 10 miles so I kept going.  It was hot and I was slow towards the end but I was able to finish the 10.25 miles (time 1:28).  When I get back to the house I see Tamara sitting by the pool asking for ice for her shin – she was in quite a bit of pain.  I was and still am worried about her.  I will let her discuss her injury if she chooses but Tamara please rest your legs!!!

I was going to take Sunday off but when I woke up this morning my legs felt good and I ate sooo much for breakfast I felt like I needed to run before I gained 5 pounds.  I started way later than I like (11:30) but ran a strong 6.2 miles.  I was really shocked at how good I felt the whole run.  It was hot and my stomach was full.  I got back from the run and felt so good that I decided I would take an hour and ride my new bike for the first time.  Rode the bike for 13.2 miles.  I love the mix of the two workouts and felt really good afterwards.

Non- running note – In the midst of everything else Tamara found time to make an amazing cake for my mom’s birthday – sooo good!   I love that running allows you to eat guilt free every once in a while.  Thanks Tamara and Happy Birthday Mom!


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