Jeff’s Daily Post – Boom – I’m up!

Before I went to bed last night I felt like I wanted to try to get a few extra miles in this morning so I decided to set my alarm a little earlier (4:00am instead of 4:20).  Well, no need for the alarm thanks to a loud clap of thunder around 3:50 – Boom – I’m up!  I sleepwalk to the kitchen for my normal routine oatmeal and a glass of milk Surf the web for 10 minutes then head down to the treadmill.  I really thought I might run 10 – 13 miles this morning but I decided I’d had enough at 8.5.  I’m still very happy with that.  My goal is really to get to at least 6.5 miles each day (saving the longer runs for the weekend) and anything over that I consider a bonus.  Tamara and I are going to try to get a longer run in on Saturday as a last prep for the Baltimore 10 miler next Saturday.  Soundtrack today – Styx.  Have a great day!

Non Running note : Today is Mom and Dad’s Wedding Anniversary – Happy Anniversary!!!


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