Jeff’s Daily Post – Dear Mr. Treadmill -Who does that heart rate belong to?

I’m happy with the 6.5 miles on my treadmill this morning.  This is a little shorter than normal but I’m thinking I should probably reduce my mileage a little this week after my PR of 60.60 miles last week.  Everyone is telling me I’m running too much.  I love my treadmill by the way, especially on a day like today when they are calling for a high of 98 with a heat index of 105.  I still prefer to run outside but running inside allows me to stay consistent in my distances, I don’t have to worry about the weather or the fear of having to call for help because I ran so far away from the house that I’m having trouble making it back (click her for more details).  I’m fortunate that I have an area in my basement set up as my gym so it is very easy to make it to the treadmill.  I also feel like the treadmill has saved my legs – not sure I could run these distances everyday on the pavement.  I do have one question for the treadmill that I love – Who does that heart rate belong to?  When I run on the treadmill I use the screen on the treadmill to track my distances (the picture I post all the time) but I also run with my Garmin 410 connected to a foot pod and I use Garmin’s heart rate monitor (I upload all of this data to Garmin Connect).  Over the past month or so a heart rate screen has been showing up on my treadmill and I have no idea where this is coming from (it is annoying because it doesn’t go away).  The data certainly isn’t correct because if my heart rate is that high or that low while I’m running I think I should be dead.  Thankfully, I have my Garmin as a sanity check.  I’ve been paying more and more attention to my heart rate.  It has been nice to see it go lower and stay so consistent over the months.  So thank you Garmin for tracking my heart rate accurately.   The next time you run into Mr. NordicTrack can you ask him who that heart rate belongs to?  Soundtrack today – Third Eye Blind (Old School) and The Avett Brothers.  Have a great day!


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