Tamara’s Daily Post – My Goals

Today was my super short day – I always have 1 day of only running 3 miles. I used to have 3 days like this – but due to the B10 and the RNR 1/2, I obviously needed to change my training schedule. I’m not so much worried about the 10 miler at this point, but for some reason now I’m stressing about the RNR 1/2 – not sure why…it is only 3 miles longer. My weekly mileage was 30 last week – I would like to get it to at least 35 throughout the summer. I’m going to throw something together in a spreadsheet to plan my weeks – I typically know how far I’m running each day. When I ran the RNR San Diego (way back in the stone ages – 1998) I followed a 7 month Hal Higdon training schedule. Since then I haven’t raced over a 10 miler and I typically just plan out my weeks before the race in Excel. Hmmmm…so I just said I wasn’t worried about B10 – just had a panicking throught…hills…ok, I’m freaking out again. I totally stink on hills – the A10 was hilly, wonder how they compare – I’ll have to check out the elevations. No turning back though – I’m signed up…I know I can do it, but have a hard time not focusing on a time goal and right now that is 1:20 for B10 and 1:50 for RNR 1/2!


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