Tamara’s Daily Post – What was I Thinking?!

Jeff and I decided to run together today outside. After I figured out the logistics of when Sam would go to her friend’s house for a few hours to play, Jeff and I planned our training run. I wanted to run 10 – to prepare for the upcoming Baltimore 10 Miler (B10 as it is known). I don’t feel confident enough to just run 10 without having trained up to it – it’s really a mind game to me and I wanted to make sure I would be prepared. We met down at Point Lookout State Park – thanks to Jeff negotiating with the worker in the booth where you are suppose to pay! I parked my car there and we drove back to my house – 10 miles away – I could then get my mileage in and Jeff could run more since he thought he might want to. After running down “the bumpy road” we headed south to Point Lookout. We don’t normally chit chat when we run, we are both too serious about our training. On shorter runs we may chat for a bit, but today we knew with the mileage we wanted to run we would be fairly quiet. I like just having someone to run with, it makes the miles go by quicker – and having that person be Jeff is an extra bonus! 🙂 I felt pretty good for the first 5 miles – and then my legs started getting heavy, my pace slowed. The weather was “ok”, a little humid – a bit sunny – about 75 degrees I think – regardless, it was a bit too hot for me. I seldom look at my GPS when I run – if I look at it I tend to either think I’m running too fast or too slow – so I just run the pace my body feels good at running. The last 2-3 miles was tough for me, I just wanted to get it over with. I started wondering why I signed up for a 10 Miler – and a better question was why did I sign up for a 1/2 Marathon in September!? I was daydreaming of running a nice 5K, didn’t make the run easier to have these thoughts. I started instead focusing on Jeff’s stride and the sound of his iPod – which I could hear since I only wear 1 earbud (for safety reasons – although I know it’s safer to not wear one at all!). Around 9 miles I decided to look at my GPS and was disappointed with my pace – see, that’s why I don’t look! The last mile was tough – I struggled, but was thrilled to see my car!! Jeff grabbed a Gatorade (oops, I opened it – lessons learned!) and headed out to run further. He told me he would call if he needed me. I cooled down a bit then drove toward home. About a mile down the road I passed Jeff, I rolled down my window to check on him – he seemed fine, I think…he again said he would call if he needed me. As I drove off, I glanced in my mirror and felt guilty for leaving him – I felt like I was abandoning him – I was sad – yup, I’m a wreck! I shook off the feeling knowing that he would call me if he needed me – but deep down I doubted he would – I think he is too driven and motivated to ever stop – he will be fine I tell myself… I speed off (yes, yes, I drive fast sometimes…) and headed home. I was happy my run was over and I felt good about tackling the 10 miles. I was instantly content on knowing that I signed up for B10 and made a goal to ensure I finish it sub-1:20, 4 minutes faster then the training run today! C’mon B10 – I’m ready!


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