Jeff’s Daily Post – SOS – Uh Oh I think I need a ride!

Tamara did a great job summarizing our run today and I loved the way she ended it with her speeding off and me in the background running and finishing a strong 20 miles.  Well………how about a subpar 14.7 miles and a call for help.  I had a few clues on the way down that maybe I shouldn’t try the 20 today but when we reached Tamara’s car I felt like I wanted to turn around and see how far I could go.  I was also dealing with another technology issue (with another to come).  At about mile 9 my iPod (the one that died the other day but came back to life – kind of) was having an issue where the volume wouldn’t turn down.  I accidentally hit the button to increase the volume and then couldn’t get it to turn back down.  It was way too loud for me to listen to.  So as we approached mile 10 (where Tamara would get in the car) I asked her if I could borrow her iPod on the way back.  At the turnaround point she hands me her iPod (geez she must be 17 with those playlists J) and a Gatorade and I start my trek back.  I was actually feeling pretty good through miles 11 and 12.  At the 13 mile mark I wasn’t feeling the best and then at mile 14 my Garmin 410 started beeping (technology issue #2) saying that I needed to delete my older data and there was a lap error (well now is a great time to tell me).  The dang thing wouldn’t stop beeping so as I run I’m trying to navigate the touch bezel (which doesn’t work the best when you are sweating) and I’m struggling trying to figure out how to delete the old data.  I’m so into my data that I almost feel like I can’t count a workout if my Garmin isn’t recording it and I’ve already run 14 miles so I have to figure this thing out.  I’m still trying to work through this issue and decide I have to stop running.  So I start a fast walk as I try to figure out how to fix my Garmin.  It takes me about a ¼ mile but I finally figure it out.  I get the old data deleted and then restart the timer.  I start running again but I’ve got nothing at this point – mentally, I’m done – physically – I’m drained.  I once again have that conversation with the little voice in my head and although I’m disappointed I realize the smart thing is to go to the survival kit (see below) and call for help.  I love running so much and I have promised myself that I will do the right thing and listen to my body and mind so I can run another day.  I’m thirsty so I walk to a liquor store on the road, go in and buy a Gatorade and decide to swallow my pride and call Tamara.  She was surprised to hear from me (I think) but she also said she was proud that I called her – she wants me to run another day too!

I’m not really sure what happened today – We started running later in the morning – it was warm outside – I drank more water and Gatorade than I normally do before and during a run, all may have been factors.  On the bright side (and this may be a factor too!) I ran 60.60 miles this week and new record for me!  I also got to run twice with Tamara this weekend which is a plus too!

The Survival Kit

As I’ve started to run longer distances I have been more and more aware of a need for some sort of an emergency plan.  It’s easy to make it back home when you are running 2 or 3 miles.  When you start going for 10 or more you end up so far away from home at times that you need some sort of plan.  About 6 months ago I purchased a SPIbelt (I love this thing and recommend it to any runner or biker).  I also bought a small pre-paid cell phone (didn’t want to carry my Droid).  I always carry a phone and a small amount of cash in my SPIbelt.  Today, both of those things came in handy – I had money for a drink and a phone to call for a pick up!  I highly recommend having those with you when you run!


My Survival Kit!


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