Race for the Cure Race Report – A Sea of Pink!

Today we ran in the Race for the Cure in Washington, D.C. This was the 7th year Samantha and I have participated in the race – and we were thrilled to take Jeff on his first journey to this amazing race for a wonderful cause. We headed to the Branch Avenue Metro station at 5:45am. We parked in our “usual” parking area which was close to the back entrance. We only had a 10 minute wait until the train left and Samantha was pretty excited already. The train filled up with runners and walked at each of the 7 stops it made before we disembarked at the Archives Metro storp. We had a short walk to the race start and had time for a much needed porta-potty stop. Every year I conclude that the following year Samantha will be too big to ride in the jogging stroller – and every year I still bring it and she still is content riding in it. Jeff noticed we forgot to pump up the tires and with a 45 pound child in it they looked a little slack. We snapped several pictured and at 7:45am we got in line for the race start. It was then that I realized Jeff had decided to run for speed and not with us! Uh-Oh! Mentally I had prepared myself for a nice jog together – but my game plan changed. I was ok with his decision and he lined up at the 8 minute pace marker. I went to the 9 minute pace marker and almost went farther back when I didn’t see any other strollers in the area. I remembered the mass of people that rush to the start line when the gun goes off – so I stayed put and was a little mad at myself for actually starting so far back. I got Samantha situated with her iPod Touch for music and games; snacks; a drink; and a few toys – she was ready! As I glanced in front of me to see those ahead; behind me to see those behind m; to my right to see those waiting to jump in line as they stood with the U.S. Capitol Building in view over their shoulders; to my left to those also waiting to jump in line as they looked link ants next to the Washington Monument proudly standing behind them – I could see a sea of pink. The Survivors wear special pink t-shirts, many others are also dressed in pink to honor these courageous victims of breast cancer – together everyone forms an amazing view of pink. When the race started – we walked – and we walked…it seemed to take a few minutes until we crossed the chip timing mat and finally the crowd was able to jog – yeah, jog…and I’m not a fan of jogging…I’m a runner! I have raced pushing a jogging stroller (oops – why isn’t it called a “running” stroller?!) only a few times, but I have trained/run with it more times then I can count! As such, I was able to manuever Samantha and I through the crowd with little effort and still accelerate to achieve an 8:30ish pace. We must have passed hundreds of people! It was so exhilirating! I was smiling the entire race! Dozens of times I got behind people that stopped to walk – no worries, here we go – zipping around them! Samantha was kind enough to give me encouraging words on the course – and we were soon edging towards the finish. I was hoping they would snap a picture of us – and was trying to show my number – as I glanced around the finish line I saw Jeff. We surprised him but he still got a pretty good picture of us! I was thrilled with my time of 26:04 – only 3 minutes off my 5K time…and with 45,000 people and pushing a stroller! We were able to snag some cool freebies and snacks after the race. We then walked around and snapped more pictures as we waited for Samantha’s kid race. At 10am she ran with probably 30 or so other 5 & 6 year olds on a small grassy course. She did excellent and we were super proud of how strong she ran – we see a true 5K in her future at some point! After the kids race, we headed back to the Metro and headed for home. I enjoyed the race and our day – I can say without a doubt we will be back in 2012!

Jeff Edit – The race results came out last night and I think we were both happy.  This is the first run of this size that I have participated in and I was way to conservative where I lined up.  I should have moved closer to the front.  I spent the first mile trying to get around people.  I ran a 21:57 – really think if I focused and lined up correctly I could have run my first sub 20:00.  That time put me in 123rd place out of 2284 and 15th place in my age group.  Tamara ran a 26:04 (just amazing in my opinion – pushing the stroller with under-inflated tires through a mass of people) that time put her in 221st place out of 4665 and 18th place in her age group.

The link below is a fly over from map my run.
2011 Race for the Cure, Washington, DC and more runs in Washington, DC on MapMyRUN. Find run


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