Jeff’s Daily Post – Is anybody up?

Today is our last day in Wildwood Crest, NJ. We have had a great time. Yesterday, we went to Cape May, NJ. We spent the morning at Sunset Beach and most of the afternoon touring the town. Cape May is just beautiful, full of little shops and incredible beachfront homes. I think if we came to the Jersey Shore again we would stay in Cape May.

Tamara and I both wanted to run today so I decided to get up first. I mentioned last night that I would get up at 5:00am but after further consideration I decided 6:00am would be better, I’m on vacation right? So I set my alarm for 6:00am. At around 5:20 I hear some sort of alarm, first think it is my alarm but it doesn’t really sound like it. I look around and no one is moving – am I the only one hearing this? I walk out to the living room of the hotel and find it Tamara’s phone alarm – hmmmm, did she plan this? I’m actually happy that it went off. I wanted to get an earlier start. I look out the window and see daylight so I decide to get a move on. I decided to just go towards the boardwalk again figuring I would take in the sights one last time before we went home. Boy, what a difference a few hours make. A few days ago (I ran at 7:00am) the boardwalk was full of activity, today I’m wondering is anybody up? I didn’t see another runner until around mile 3 and I’m not sure he was a runner, he appeared to be running from someone or something. I ended up running 10 miles this morning at a decent pace (7:44). It was a beautiful morning and I felt strong the whole time.  Thanks to 100.7 WZXL FM for keeping things rocking this morning (I love listening to local stations when I travel).   I was amazed that I felt so good. I ate nothing but junk yesterday. I had french fries, ice cream twice, cookies, a drink and barbeque at The Ugly Mug (very cool place btw) and more chocolate milk and coffee than I should but yet I still felt good. I’m not going to add that diet to my training routine but it is nice to know that I can get away with it every once in a while.

Today, on 20th Avenue on the boardwalk, I ran past an American Flag with the sun rising over it and couldn’t help but think of those who have died for our country and those who are serving to protect our freedom and our way of life. Thinking of all of you on this Memorial Day!

Running note: Map my run has a cool fly over feature that you can see the route I ran. Click on the link below to see
Jersey Shore and more runs in Wildwood, NJ on MapMyRUN. Find run

Shipwreck at Sunset Beach

House in Cape May

Jeff and Tamara – Cape May, NJ


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