Jeff’s Daily Post – Hello New Jersey

I just love running in new places.  Yesterday after my 6 mile run at home I decided that I would take a day off during our mini vacation in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey.  I was thinking I would take today (Saturday) off but when I woke up this morning I couldn’t resist the urge to go running.   It was a beautiful morning with light winds and the temperature was around 70.  Since I’m on vacation J I decided to sleep in a little later (7:00am).  I had originally told Tamara that I wasn’t going to run this morning but she knew as soon as she saw that twinkle in my eye that I was heading out.  I also told her that it was probably going to be a short run.  I really thought it was going to be but she also knows that sometime when I start running I just keep going.  I love to run in a new place for a few reasons.   I love the change of scenery and it also gives me the opportunity to orient myself to the surroundings.  I also love running at the beach – there is just something about the smell of the water and all of the action that I enjoy.  After our drive yesterday we went down to the boardwalk (a couple miles away from our hotel) but we didn’t have the opportunity to explore so I knew I would be running in that direction.  I headed in the direction of the boardwalk but really didn’t know where it started.  I kept looking towards the ocean as I was running and after about a mile noticed some activity near the beach so I took a right off Atlantic Avenue.  At the end of the street there was a concrete path full of activity (biking, running, walking).  I could see Morey’s Piers in the background so I figured the path would head towards the boardwalk.  I kept running and after another mile or so I hit the boards.  I just love running on a boardwalk.  My family and I have been going to Ocean City, Maryland since I was very young.  I have so many wonderful memories of the boardwalk, it has always been a happy place for me.  This is my first visit to Wildwood Crest but the boardwalk really does remind me of Ocean City so I immediately felt at home.  I kept running on the boardwalk and had decided that I would just run to the end but I didn’t know when it ended.  So I ran, mile 2 and mile 3 tick by like I’m standing still.  I’m running slow but I don’t really care because this is another one of those “Scenic Runs” that I talk about.  I’m just taking it all in.  I decided that I wouldn’t go past mile 4 because that would give me 8 miles and I really didn’t want to run further than that.  Funny that as I was approaching mile 4 I saw I was reaching the end.  So I turned around at mile 4 and headed back.  The run back was just as enjoyable.   There was a craft show on the boardwalk and at the Convention Center they were setting up for the Wildwoods International Kite Festival, what they say is the largest kite festival in the world.  I made it back to the hotel in just over an hour and with a distance of 8.04 miles.  That gives me 45 miles for the week so I’m happy with that.  Love the vacation runs – A great way to start the day!

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