Jeff’s Daily Post – Failure to Launch – Almost…

Strange morning – My alarm is set for 4:20 – Getting up at this time allows me enough time to eat (I like to eat breakfast before I run – oatmeal and a big glass of chocolate milk – Tamara has no idea how I can run after drinking all that milk but it just works for me) and my goal is to get to the basement gym by 5:00.  This morning I woke up just plain tired and ended up hitting my snooze two times (I never do that).  So I rushed through breakfast then went downstairs and jumped on the treadmill without much motivation.  I actually yawned a couple times during the first mile and considered just stopping but decided to push on.  Most mornings I can get in some sort of groove – listening to music, reading the closed captioning on the news but this morning all I could focus on was the slow miles ticking away on the treadmill.  I told myself it would be ok to stop at 5 miles, then decided to go to 6 miles, feeling better at this point decided to go to 7 miles and once I got to 7 I figured what is another mile so I went to 8 miles.  Today was a mental challenge the whole way, just one more thing I love about running!


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