Jeff and Tamara Sunday Stroll

Tamara and I only get to run together about once a week so when we had the opportunity this morning we decided to take it.  We were fresh off our Warrior Dash but weren’t feeling quite so fresh.  We weren’t tired from the Dash but were a bit sluggish from the beers after the dash, the Mexican dinner late last night and the ice cream night cap (I had some sort of double chocolate – oh so good!).  Although we can’t do it every night one of the things I love about running is the guilt free indulgence we are allowed every now and then.  I’m always aware of what I’m eating and how it may impact my running but it is great to be able to eat ice cream every once in a while.  We ran what I call the “Sunnyside Loop” a nice 6.2 mile course that leaves from the house and has a nice combination of hills and flat surfaces.  It is also nice to see the occasional Amish buggy on their way to church.  This morning we saw a buggy and also saw a few Amish children on their bikes.  Love to see those things when I’m running.  Tamara said she only wanted to run 5 miles but stayed strong the whole 6.2 mile run.  The miles just seem to tick away when we run together – love that.  What a great way to start the day!


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  1. Loved this route btw! What a great run! Even though my legs felt like bricks by mile 5, I stayed semi-strong to the finish – love running beside Jeff, motivates me!

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