Jeff’s Daily Post – Maryland 6.2 – Update – 5 in the afternoon too!

I’m back home in Maryland and what a beautiful Friday (sunny and 65).  I didn’t run yesterday (had a 11 hour drive home) and felt like I needed a break after the heavy leg incident on Wednesday.  I felt better today but still not 100%.  I’ve been frustrated lately over my slow pace so I intentionally pushed a little harder when I started today.  I was hoping to run 8 – 10 miles but was just didn’t feel the best and the head wind on the way back didn’t help.  So I ran my normal 6.2 with an average pace of 7:27.  Not the greatest pace but much better than where I have been.  I stopped at 6.2 because I wanted to leave a little gas in the tank in case I decide to go for a run later today (Afternoon edit – yep, I did 5 miles around St. Mary’s City).  Tamara and I also have Warrior Dash tomorrow which should be fun.  I feel a little like we are on some sort of running tour with an event almost every weekend but we are having a great time!

Unrelated note: Thanks to Dad for his exceptional grounds keeping of the house while I was away.  He cut my grass and washed my car which gave me time to run today!!!  Thanks Dad!


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