Jeff’s Daily Post – Waiting for the sun to come up

Today was supposed to be an off day – but I changed my mind.  I was up at 4:30 and my legs felt good so today will be a run day.  I also decided I would skip the gym this morning and wait for the sun to come up and run outside.  Geez, I didn’t think it took so long for the sun to come up – I shouldn’t have gotten up so early.  I decide to start my run a little before the sun comes up because I’m a bit impatient.  It was nice to see a few more runners outside this morning (always motivates me).  I pretty much ran the same loop that I ran Monday (remember I like a routine) around the Opryland Hotel passing the famous “Cooters Place”.  I felt good up until mile 3 when my legs started getting heavy again but I managed to keep pushing and finish with a slow 6.10 miles.  Not sure what is going on with my pace lately but it is slooooooooow – today’s run had an average pace of 8:10.  I think I need to listen to Tamara and take a day off – maybe tomorrow?

On a non running note – I went to the Grand Ole Opry last night for the first time and really enjoyed the show.  All of the artists were good, everyone was so polite and I even got my picture taken with Minnie!

The artists last night included – John Conlee, Randy Montana (new artist – he was really good), The Whites, Jeannie Seely,  The Del McCoury Band (thought of Dad when they were playing – he would of loved them), Little Jimmy Dickens (I hear he tells the same jokes every night but for 90 years old he was really entertaining, had the entire audience laughing and got a standing ovation), and Diamond Rio.

How Deeeeeeeeeeee


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