Jeff’s Daily Post 6 by 6 in Nashville

Good Morning from Tennessee. I’m here for work – drove down yesterday (almost a 12 hour drive). Once I arrived at the hotel I immediately looked for the gym. I looked online so I already knew that it should be nice and it is. I was exhausted after the drive yesterday and our 12 mile Great Urban Race so I went to bed early. I got up bright and early this morning (4:30) and got to the gym around 4:50 (Tamara always reminds me of the hotel gym rule – you have to get there by 5!). I was the first one there. They have about 12 treadmills (really nice TechnoGym brand ) so I wasn’t really worried about getting one but I wasn’t sure how many other crazy people are staying here. I started my run and from the start felt a bit out of sorts – running in a gym was different (I’m normally all alone – people started trickling in around 5), it was warmer than I’m used to, different treadmill and I think I’m still a bit tired. I managed to get to 6 miles in part motivated by the people around me and my competitive nature to work out longer than them – but I was done at the six mile mark. I really wanted to run outside but the forecast was for rain and the sun wasn’t up yet so the treadmill was my safest bet. Once I got back to the room I took a look outside – no rain – yeah! – so I put on a bit warmer shirt (it is about 50 degrees in Nashville today) and headed outside. This would be another one of my “scenic runs” – I love these when I visit new places to see what is around. I headed out the Opyland Hotel lobby, ran towards the General Jackson, past the Grand Ole Opry, around the Opryland Mall. I was surprised by all of the construction fences still around from the flood last year – I kept running into dead ends but really enjoyed the run and my sightseeing early morning tour of Nashville. I’ll take the 12 miles this morning and looking forward to a few more Tennessee runs!


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