Running Memories – New York – Central Park

On occasion I want to share a running memory.  Tamara and I went to New York in February.  We had many things on our agenda but made sure we took time to run the 6 mile loop in Central Park.  I had just finished reading The Long Run by Matt Long.  A truly inspirational story and a story that I still think about today as I run.  Matt talked often about the magic of running in Central Park so I made sure it was on our list of things to do.  We ran on a cold Saturday morning and it was all I thought it would be.  The park was full of activity, running, biking and walking.  Tamara and I ran what I call our” scenic run” because we just took our time, taking pictures as we ran, taking in the beautiful park and city.  We finished the run with a great breakfast at the AQ Kafe just outside Central Park.  A great memory and I can’t wait for us to get back and run in the park!

Tamara and I right after our run in Central Park

Great Breakfast at the AQ Kafe

Matt just mentioned this post on his Long Run Facebook page – too cool! – Thanks Matt!!  We also managed a trip to one of his bars – Third and Long


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  1. krissy m. murphy

    Thanks for leaving this link! Glad you all had a great memory in CP too!!!!

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